Gymming for the perfect Puja look

Fitness trainer Kaushik Balial writes about the trend of young boys joining gyms just before Durga Puja to get the perfect look.


Durga Puja is that time of the year when everyone finds the enthusiasm to pump more iron and that great body to look good during the festival days. For young boys, Durga Puja is synonymous to  muscle building. Every young teenager aims to look attractive in the festive season. Boys want those flat abs and toned muscles to flaunt and the best option is to join the nearest gym and start lifting weights. But most of them are not aware of the consequences. They don’t give their bodies time to adjust to an exercise regime. Lifting weights from the first day itself, without first judging one’s own body ca result in muscular imbalance and joint impairments with added risk of injuries. Physiological damage is very high going to the extend of ruining the body. My question is to those boys who join the gym just tw


o months prior to Puja. Do you really think that you can get your dream body in just two months?  The answer is no, you will end up losing muscles because of excessive exercise. It takes years to build a good, healthy, muscular body. Your iconic bodybuilder or film star has achieved that great physique only after extensie training over a long period of time.

The muscle-building process is very slow and needs to be given time. We all have different body types, ecto, endo and mesomorphs, some also have mixed body type. Its advisable to get assessed before starting  any gym training. The assessment will help to know what type of training you need, what type of food you need and the frequency of meals too. Supplements help you to recover but those alone will not give you your dream body. A sound nutrition program is necessary. Take proper rest, remember muscles build while you sleep and are destroyed while training.

Many gym trainers advise consumption of powders or tablets. Always consult a doctor or a nutritionist before trying these. There have been incidents, where people have  died due to protein, caffeine, steroid overdoses. Human body is very complex. You neverknow what can happen to you if make even the  slightest mistake. No trainer is authorized to prescribe any kind of medicines or supplements. So it is a request to all young brothers and the future of our nation that train smart and be healthy. Give yourself time, hire a certified exercise coach or trainer and stay away from steroids and harmful supplements. Happy Durga Puja