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All you ever wanted to know about what is happening in and around Kolkata, West Bengal, India and the world. Kolkata Wire has packaged it all in its pages. Important breaking news flashing beside interesting features from India and the world, we look out for the exceptionalstories,that you don’t often see on TV or read in newspapers.  Feel the pulse of Kolkata and its suburbs. Of people and places beyond your reach and vision. Learn interesting facts abouttheir happiness and hardships, their festivals and more through the eyes of ourrural reporter.

Keep fit with our experts. Columns on health, food, entertainment, personal care, grooming on our pages will tell you what to eat, how to exercise, about organic diet and many other vital informationfor your well-being. Follow our alternative medicine column to know all about the other methods of healing. Look chic and stylish with our awesomemake-up tips,stunning hairdo and skin care advice by our experts. What’s in and what’s not…all updates from the latest fashion trends in Kolkataat your fingertips.

Kolkata Wire watches out for exclusive folk art and music.Find out about forgotten cultures, traditions and heritage of Bengal from our pages. See pictures and watch videos of rare arts and artisans who continue to believe in the roots and follow traditions, all for you on Kolkata Wire.

See your world through our eyes. Stay wired…