African Safari in pictures

Ajoy Dey captured glimpses of African and Indian wildlife in his lens at various times in the past few years. He displayed his collection of photographs at an exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts for the first time.

The king of the Wild for tourists
An African tusker captured in Ajoy’s lens

For a wildlife enthusiast and photographer, an African Safari always beckons in his dreams. Ajoy Dey had also had this dream and managed to realise it two years back. His trip to Serengeti in Tanzania and Masai Mara in Kenya was an achievement of a lifetime that Ajoy recalls as ‘fulfilling’ from the point of a photographer. From model shoots to capturing life in the wild in his lens, Ajoy has spent a good two decades in pursuing his passion. But he found peace and satisfaction in pursuing the wild than shooting within four walls using artificial lights. “I always felt the urge to photograph animals and often went of to the jungles and national parks in India to shoot wildlife. It’s a passion that is close to my heart that has made run to places where I would not have gone otherwise,” said Ajoy, who, otherwise, runs a healthcare business in Howrah.

A giraffe at Masai Mara

Showcasing his experience in Africa and in other national reserves in India, Ajoy held an exhibition of his photographs from March 18 to 24 at the Academy of Fine Arts. Some of his best collections were on display at the Central Hall of the gallery. This was his first ever solo photography exhibition. “Many people, who had seen my collection of photographs, encouraged me to do an exhibition of the photographs. Many felt that I have a fantastic collection which very few people have,” said Ajoy. In India Ajoy has photographed animals at Kaziranga, Bandhabgarh, Sunderbans and Ladak. He also has some shots of birds in Italy.

A baboon

Indeed, Ajoy’s collection includes some exclusive shots of the Big Five of an African Safari. “It is difficult to capture a lion and it happens only if you are lucky. But I was willing to spend as much time and money as needed to see one,” said Ajoy. He finally did see a lion that showed up for the tourists and now that is his prized collection. Giraffe, elephants, wildebeest and even a floating hippopotamus are among his collection on display.

Floating Hippo
Artist Wasim Kapoor at Ajoy’s exhibition

Ajoy’s exhibition was inaugurated by Lakshmi Ratan Shukla, for cricketer and minister in charge for sports in West Bengal. Through the week several visitors thronged the Central Hall to take a look and experience an African Safari through Ajoy’s lens.