Cafe for those with a mind of their own

A cool new place has come up in the neighbourhood. Mavericks Cafe is the place to be for sports freaks, gaming geeks or those who just want to hang out.

Maverick Cafe


Read your up this staircase
The enclosure with a great view of Sarat Bose Road
Coleslaw sandwich
Cucumber Cooler
Supreme Nachos with Classic Shirley Temple


It’s a Maverick of a place! The narrow staircase leading to this cool first floor address on Sarat Bose Road. It’s the best hideout after bunking classes…trust me, no one can ever find you till you want them to. Mavericks Café is the place to be for the young crowd that is aplenty here. A new place at the spot where Tea Trove used to be, Maverick has been dressed up for the millennials with things of their choice.

The staircase has some trendy captions to read while you climb up. So the climb up is slow and when you reach the top, the surprise is amazing. The excitement is palpable at the right side of the staircase. The faces of Messi and Ronaldo sketched on the walls make it the sports freak corner. With the IPL heat on, the huge projector screen is the biggest attraction for the KKR fans. A great mocktail or a Maverick special sheesha will only add to the excitement of the match.

Maverick Café has (officially) opened its doors since April 18. Karan Shah, one of the partners of the café is super excited about it. “We’ve ideated the entire place with things that will attract youngsters. We have also kept board games and interesting books for them to read if they want to. Tea, coffee, mocktails, sheesha and of course the food only adds to the fun quotient of the place,” said Karan.

A playstation area has also been designed with appropriate lights for the gaming freaks who might want to spend their energy playing the virtual games. For a cosy, relaxing place is another enclosure, away from the noise.

Karan promises some exciting refreshments at his café. He has seven types of tea including green, mint, lack and white tea – each with a unique flavour for the connoisseurs. “We brew fresh tea leaves which will stay fresh for at least two to three months,” said Karan.

Summer coolers are also on the list. The Maverick Cucumber Cooler is a must have in summer. Its organic and is water based compared to the other aerated ones.