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Gymming for the perfect Puja look

Durga Puja is that time of the year when everyone finds the enthusiasm to pump more iron and that great body to look good during...

Unconventional Medicine – The Only Alternative

In modern medicine, the human body is divided into multiple organs with a specialist for every organ who diagnoses a problem with the help...

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Evolution of the Indian National Flag

      Unfurling the National Flag is a sign of a country’s honour and sovereignty. However, there is a lot of significance attached with the flag...

From Afghan to Bengal – Journey of the sarod in Indian Classical music

  The roots of sarod in Indian classical music go back to an age when Afghan soldiers and businessmen possessed an indigenous stringed instrument called...

Destination Sri Lanka for Puja this year

Sri Lanka could well be the Bengali’s Durga Puja holiday destination this year with efforts being made to promote tourism from India’s eastern zone...