Celeb chefs cook for victims of fire at California on Thanksgiving

A sad Thanksgiving for the evacuees of the camp fire and wildfire at California, celebrity chefs of USA joined hands to cook a special meal for 15,000 people

https://twitter.com/ByBenSpillman/status/1065638303850934273 Guy Fieri Courtesy Benjamin Spillman

Thanksgiving in California was never this sad and heartbreaking as this year. Two wildfires have devastated the state, leaving almost every family homeless and suffering. However, sitting in the middle of devastation, the only thing that brought a smile to their face was a special Thanksgiving meal arranged by celebrity chefs, Guy Fieri, Tyler Florence and Jenn Louis joined by Jose Andre in Chico California. The team of chefs cooked up 15,000 meals comprising the traditional smoked turkey and cranberry sauce. Almost 7000lb of turkey was cooked on six smokers at a parking lot in Chico. Helping the chefs are 800 plus volunteers.

Food being served at the relief kitchens on Thanksgiving

The wildfire has taken more than 80 lives so far in the state and has destroyed more than 13,000 homes. While the Woolsey fire has been doused, the Camp Fire in Northern California continues to burn. Several other stars have contributed in their own way to the evacuees of the fire, including distributing Thanksgiving meals on Thursday, November 22. At Chico, the meals cooked by Fieri, Andres and their team went to different makeshift relief kitchens. One such meal was served to the victims at a former Sears store inside a mall.