Celebrating World Art at Kumartuli

Kumartuli artisans are celebrating World Art Day on April 15 with unique installations

Painting on taxi, an art exhibit at Kumartuli on the occasion of World Art Day

It was the last day of the month of Chaitra and the markets of Kolkata were chock-a-block with buyers swarming for the last chance to avail attractive discount offers. However, there was a crowd of a different kind at Kumartuli on this day. Art-lovers thronged this artisan neighbourhood to take a look at the various clay sculptures that the artisans had made as part of a larger celebration on April 15. World Art Day, on April 15, is being observed for the first time in Kumartuli this year where these true artisans have been given a chance to showcase their talent and ideas through clay sculptures that they have created for display. Leading paint manufacturer, Asian Paints, has sponsored this whole event that is taking place at Kumartuli this year. Scenes from the struggles and difficulties of everyday life have been expressed through the sculptures that are on display. An photography exhibition has also been arranged where the changing face of Kumartuli has been highlighted.

More than two dozen artisans of Kumartuli presented their art works, each with a unique themes. Thousands thronged the artisan neighbourhood to catch a glimpse of these works of art.

“Initially we had decided to hold the exhibition and display the clay models just for two days. But the encouraging footfall that we have received forced us to change our plan and now we have decided to extend it one more day,” said Parimal Pal, one of organisers. He added that the sponsors had decorated the locality, and helped illuminate the place along with organising and arranging the exhibition.  “As an artist I feel that with the celebration of World Art Day, unknown artists like us get a wonderful opportunity to showcase our abilities to the world,” he said. Those who had gathered at the exhibition also enjoyed the laser shows.

Struggles of the life of an artist, depicted in the work of an artisan

“I heard the about the art exhibition at Kumartuli on the occasion of World Art Day on FM radio. After coming here and seeing these masterpieces I feel I would have missed a wonderful experience had I not come here,” said Mithu Maitrya, a resident of Dum Dum.