Cycle expedition from Ganga Sagar to Darjeeling

Trekking freaks Partha Mukherjee and Supratim Mazumdar descend on a cycle trek from Sagar Island to Darjeeling. Kolkata Wire traces their tracks

Flag off from Bharat Seveshram Sangha ta Sagar Island
Bolpur to Tarapith
Sagar to Sarisha RKM

Trekking freaks Partha Mukherjee of Baksara, Howrah and Supratim Mazumdar, Bongaon, North 24 Parganas, have descended on an adventure trip with the message of ‘Save Tree, Save Life’. The duo have set off on a 752km cycle trip from Sagar Island to Darjeeling. Partha and Supratim have started cycling from March 19 from Ganga-Sagar and intend to complete the trip in approximately 20 days. “This is like a trekking expedition itself, climbing up from sea level (0 metre) to a height of 6700m above sea level. We are carrying a message for saving the environment all along the way,” said Partha.

The trip flagged off from Bharat Sevasram Sangha Ashram at Sagar Island. On completing 6 days of cycling, the duo found immense support from local people and administration on the way. “We have reached Tarapith and plan to stop over for a night. We will start off for Dhulian in Malda,” said Partha on March 24.

With still more than 15 days to go, Kolkata Wire wishes Partha and Supratim all the best for their expedition. Keep watching Kolkata Wire for updates


After almost a week of vigorous cycling through North Bengal, Partha and Supratim successfully reached Shillong on March 30. The duo took a break for a day there before continuing on the last leg of their trek to Darjeeling. Here are some pictures of their progress.

On the way to Malda
At Gour ruins in Malda