The Rash Mancha and Radharaman Jew temple at the premises
Shiva Temples at Bally Rash Bari

The colours are still fresh and people are still recalling their experience of playing with colours on Dol Jatra this year. The selfies are still making the rounds of social media. While life starts to chug back to normal, Shibkrishna Daw’s family in north Kolkata gears up for their special festival of colours, called Pancham Dol. On Tuesday, March 6, Bally Rash Bari, on the bank of the Hooghly, will witness yet another Pancham Dol festival, a ritual observed five days after Dol Jatra. On Monday (March 5), a chanchar (a bonfire of dry wood, straw, twigs, cowdung and other things) will be lit in the evening following the age old family traditions.

On Tuesday morning puja will be offered to t

he presiding deity, Radharaman Jew. “There is no tradition of offering rice to the deities, so Radharaman Jew is offered luchi, echorer tarkari, cholar dal, fritters, chutney, suji, futkarai, murki and math. A plate full of colour or abir is also offered,” said Uday Mukherjee, the head priest of Bally Rash Bari. He added that hom and yagna will be performed since morning at the Shiva temples in the premises.

The abir offered to Radharaman Jew is distributed among all devotees who visit Bally Rash Bari on Pancham Dol.  “Pancham Dol is being observed at Bally Rash Bari for the last 128 years. Hundreds of devotees visit the temple on this occasion,” said Mukherjee.