Makardah Geetimalya presents bouquet of Spring songs

Makardah Geetimalya, a well known cultural group in Howrah district, present a colourful evening of song and colours celebrating Spring and Dol Utsav.

Dolon Banerjee performs at the Basanta Utsav programme
Performance by students of Makardah Geetimalya
Kartick Das Bairagya at Makardah Geetimalya’s programme

The feel of Spring is still fresh in the air as colourful flowers bloom on branches and the cuckoo incessantly sings it tuneful song. Celebrating this colourful festival with its earthy feeling, Markardah Geetimalya, regaled audiences at a recent evening programme with a bouquet of songs and colours. The cultural group, based in Makardah in Howrah district carefully prepared this evening programme with the intention of expressing the elements of folk music to the audience. Well known among the residents of Howrah for their enriching performances, the founder and head of the group Dolon Banerjee left no stone unturned for the fourth Basanta Utsav this year as well. Starting from the simplistic stage décor made with gamchha (cotton cloth used for drying oneself after bathing) and other colourful elements, done by Ramakrishna Sardar, the evening was delight for music lovers.  Baul singer, Krishna Das Bairagya did the magic with his music and songs while students of Makardah Geetimalya also presented chorus and solo performances. Dolon’s trained voice in folk music was also a treat to listeners. “We celebrate this wonderful festival with the colours of music and abir. Our aim to present a feel of the folk culture of Bengal among our audience.”