Easter Delights at the The Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata

Easter Special confectionery items at The Lalit Great Eastern's Bakery looks scrumptious and inviting

Egg Noc Custard Tart
Greek Koulourakia and Anzac Cookies
Easter Bunny Cup Cakes
Easter Eggs

This Easter will mean a tour around the world with The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata. The joy of Jesus Christ’s Resurrection brings with it celebrations and a treat awaits everyone at The Bakery & Wilson’s. Around the world Easter Sunday celebrations take place with a variety of colourful and delectable confectionery items. A varied spread of breads, cakes and cookies made of special ingredients of the season are made across the world. The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata’s bakery division has some wonderful offerings from around the world for its Easter Special week.

Chef Ayan Chatterjee, who heads The Bakery & Wilson’s, has some wonderful oven-made delicacies from around the world for Easter this year. The décor at the entrance to the confectionery and coffee shop is delightfully inviting. Inside, the spread looks undoubtedly delectable.

Chef Chatterjee takes you through Poland’s Easter season with the special Polish Mazurek Royale that is a dry cake topped with fruits. The Egg Noc Custard Tarts look delightfully delicious with their white creamy topping and chocolate decoration and golden coloured nuts, obviously respresenting the Easter Egg.

The Greek Koulourakia are crispy twisted Easter cookies that are a delightful bit with coffee or tea. Along with these are the Australian Anzac cookies. “All these items are made only during Easter at these countries,” said Chatterjee.

Children will be super excited to see the cute bunny cupcakes, each topped with a bunny face. No Easter celebration is complete without the Easter egg and The Bakery’s colourful spread are made of a thick coat of rich chocolate, filled with surprise goodies that kids will discover once they break them open. “We receive a good number of guests who are interested in Easter special confectionary items. All the items look attractive and colourful but the colours are all permissible and suitable specially for children,” said Madhumita Bose Banerjee, the Manager- Marketing Communication & PR.

These Easter Special delights will be available only till April 1, Easter Sunday.