Express Food at Dacres Lane corner

Aaheli Express adds another feather to the Dacres Lane cap. The food counter by Peerless Hotels Limited has just launched and is serving some delectable food items for busy office-goers at pocket-friendly rates.

Aaheli Express counter at Dacres Lane
Guests at the counter
Aaheli Express specials Pur Bhora Mach and Macher Patisapta

Grabbing a plate of hot lunch or a light snack in between work just got faster, fresher and healthier at Dacres Lane. Aaheli Express arrived on October 25 with its spread of Bengali menu at pocket-friendly rates from an exclusive counter for office-goers. The new counter housed below Peerless Bhavan at Dacres Lane crossing, has come as a relief and much wanted destination for office-goers around Esplanade and Dalhousie. “The counter has become popular among office-goers as soon as it launched. We realize that people these days look for quality food served in a hygienic environment and that’s exactly what we are offering,” said Ashim Chakraborty, the assistant food and beverage manager of Peerless Inn.

The counter opens at 11am with its spread of lunch time combos of luchi or steamed rice with kasha mangsho (mutton) or chicken kasha that makes for a delectable treat for guests. Those who wish to go light can dip bread in a bowl of steaming chicken stew. Vegetarian options are also available like ghugni with bread or fluffy radhaballavis with  tangy alur dom. Finish off with a gulab jamun. “I tasted the food and the quality is undoubtedly good. I will tell my colleagues in office to consider taking food from this counter for our office gatherings and meetings,” said Dilip Kumar Roy, an employee of United Bank of India, Dalhousie.

A little later in the day or on the way home, people are dropping in in search of Aaheli’s signature snack items like the Pur Bhora Mach (fish roll), Machher Patisapta (paratha rolls stuffed with a fish filling). If not available, they settle for Chingri Cutlet, Mangsher Chop, Alu Phulkopir Singara or even Mocha or Vegetable Chop.  Tea is also served from the counter. But you can grab an evening munch-on only till 8pm, when the counter closes. “The food is cooked fresh everyday and served hot. For now we have a fixed menu. Once people are aware and the demand increases, we will introduce other items as well,” said Chakraborty.