Fitness and endurance should be the motto this National Sports Day

On National Sports Day KAUSHIK BALIAL writes about pursuing fitness and strength and building endurance through kettlebell lifting sports.

Kaushik Balial

On the occasion of hockey legend, Major Dhyan Chand’s birthday, observed as National Sports Day in India, tennis star Sania Mirza tweeted that ‘Sports is the best education for a child because it teaches sportsmanship, equality, respect and most importantly humanity.’ Sania’s tweet might help to inspire both parents and youngsters today, who choose to recline and play an interesting 3D mobile game than go out with a bat or kick and punch a ball to burn calories and spend their energies. Often parents find it difficult to get their children out of the house to indulge in any kind of physical activity. But the question that arises is what to play. Cricket, football, tennis are the usual options but are they the only choice we have today? For lack of experimentation and understanding, most people in India have not discovered kettlebell sports. Honestly, to break the myth, kettlebell sports is not a weightlifter’s game. It is a common man’s forte, for someone who has no previous experience in sports. We have marathon in athletics, where the goal is to reach the finishing line in the shortest time. When a person plays kettlebell marathon, he is expected to complete the stipulated time of 30 minutes or 60 minutes with the maximum number of repetitions. The idea is to get your act together with precision, maintaining technique, coordination and speed together to reach your goal. It’s a way of competing with oneself, improving your own performance at every stage. It is clearly a game of endurance and with time, it improves a person’s mental endurance and tenacity beside keeping him or her fit. So, I hope this National Sports Day is not just a celebration but also a day of self-realisation for those who want to be fit and have a goal to achieve.