Right Fitness for the Right results

KAUSHIK BALIAL puts down the real meaning of fitness training for beginners who want to have a fit and healthy life

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Kaushik Balial


Correct posture is important while doing any kind of exercise
Motor training is an important part of fitness regime


Fitness is the most happening word these days with everyone, starting from sports to film celebrities endorsing the necessity to stay fit. But how many of the common people seriously understand the meaning of this word? Very honestly and clearly, fitness is a relative term that varies for each and every person in the world. No two people are alike, so their fitness needs, essentially, have to be different. Today we see gyms or fitness centres mushrooming everywhere, but most people are unsure about where to join and what to do. Others, still, join any place convenient and randomly exercise without figuring out what is best for himself.

From the practical point of view, fitness is not what you want to do, it’s what you can do. There are gyms that ‘sell’ cross-fit, kettlebell sports training, MMA, bodybuilding as fitness programmes to their customers, but all of these are forms of sport and one needs to have a required level of fitness to be able to perform in these sports. Fitness is what you do to improve your body conditions to be able to participate in any kind of sports. Your fitness improves by playing any kind of sport, but that can bring injuries too. Fitness training prepares an unfit person to adapt to a specific sports training.

Before joining a specific training programme, individuals must get a movement screening and a physical evaluation done by medical professionals and fitness professional. This is often not done at local gyms. Based on the results of evaluation, a trainer decides which areas to focus.  For example, if a person has a shoulder mobility problem, then he or she cannot do overhead work or pressing. If someone doesn’t clear the deep squat test, then any squatting variations is a complete no for that person.

Fitness training can be misleading if it is done by watching videos on the internet, or by reading about an exercise in a newspaper or journal. It is necessary to train under a qualified exercise professional. I often see people performing advanced movements with poor posture, which means that their basic movements are wrong. Continuing exercise with such wrong postures can eventually cause serious injury to the body, some of which can be irreversible. If you can’t handle your body weight then you should not do advanced movements. If you have a dysfunction then rectify that first before  loading the dysfunction with weights.