India is fifth in Air Pollution in the world


One among every six deaths is caused by pollution. The Lancet Commission on Pollution and Health in its latest report said that 90, 00,000 people died of pollution-related diseases in 2015.

According to the report most of these deaths occurred in low and middle income countries. Bangladesh and Somalia were the worst affected among them. It said that air pollution has the biggest impact on health.

The Lancet Commission conducted a survey in 12 countries including the UK and the USA and Bangladesh topped the list.  India is in fifth position, worse than Nepal and Pakistan on the pollution graph.  Nepal is sixth and Pakistan is tenth among the 12 countries.

Air pollution has contributed to 65,000 premature deaths. This includes pollution from outdoor sources such as gases and in households, such as burning wood or charcoal.

The next largest risk factor, water pollution, accounted for 18, 00,000 million deaths, while pollution in the workplace was linked to 800,000 deaths globally.

About 92% of these deaths occurred in poorer countries, with the greatest impact felt in places such as India, which has the fifth highest level of pollution deaths, and China, which is the 16th highest.

Delhi is the worst affected by air pollution. In June this year, all schools were closed after a heavy smog shrouded the city through a few days. In a reaction to this, the Supreme Court banned fire crackers during Diwali with the intention to keep a check on air pollution.