Lokaahar introduces Chinese, Continental

Popular Bengali restaurant has introduced new Chinese and Continental menu

The interior of Lokaahar
Baked Dauphinoise

This winter, savour Chinese and Continental at a Bengali restaurant. Jodhpur Park’s popular Bengali  restaurant, Lokaahar, has gone multi-cuisine with an array of Chinese and Continental food, besides the original Bengali menu.  “We had started off with pure Bengali food, concentrating on most of the rare and forgotten items. However, we also thought of adding variety to our spread. Many Bengali families usually want to try a different cuisine when they go to a restaurant,” said Aditi Bose of Lokaahar.

The 40-seater has a homely and earthy feel specially with its pata paintings on the walls and the use of handicraft items for interior décor. While Bengali food remains its strength, Lokaahar promises to tickle the tastebuds with its new menu. “Its always best to follow traditional ingredients and techniques in any cuisine to maintain its original flavours. The method, time and effort gone into preparing the item gives it that extra taste or zing. We try to maintain originality at Lokaahar,” said Chef Mukul Gomes, who is in charge of both new sections at Lokaahar. Gomes is confident that his special Chicken à La Kiev and Chicken Steak will steal the show in the continental section. “Both are cooked the traditional way, but our unique presentation of Chicken à La Kiev makes it’s more appealing,” said Gomes. An afternoon snack can be done quickly with a bowl of Baked Dauphinoise , a baked dish made with potatoes and veggies.

Lokaahar’s special Chinese starters, Honey Glazed Wings of Chicken and a unique Green Chilli Chicken will make guests come back for more. The Burnt Garlic Fried Rice is also worth a try.  Maggi, too, is one the menu with interesting variations like Sweet Corn Maggi and Cheese Maggi. “Maggi is everyone’s  favourite snack, specially children and youngsters. But our chef has added his own magic to this simple dish,” said Aditi.