Mama’s recipes for authentic Momo junction

Momo-lovers have a new address to visit in Kolkata. This tiny restaurant near Golpark is serving some of the best momos in town.

A plate of momo chilli


A flambe at the kitchen

Momo is one of Kolkata’s favourite street food. Trust the Bengali palate to turn this Tibetan staple into a customised version. But if anyone is looking for authentic taste of the hills, here’s a tiny place near Golpark called Mamamomo. Don’t take its size for granted because it serves some of the most amazing momo in the city. Its been just six months since it started operations and orders are pouring in.

The menu card looks simple but what comes on the plate is a pleasant surprise. Tashi Kidwai, the young man behind this popular place, conceptualised Mamamomo to bring authentic Tibetan taste to Kolkata’s popular street food. “My mom’s a great cook and many people have suggested that she starts a place of her own. So, I thought of trying out something new with momos in Kolkata. All of the recipes we use here are all from the family. My mother learnt it from my grandmother and she learnt it from my great grandmother and so on. We also serve thukpas, noodles and other popular items but each item has the authentic flavour,” said Tashi, whose mother is from Darjeeling.

A plate of chilli momo comes with a mix of sautéed tomatoes, capsicum and onions. The soup is amazing and there is an authentic hot sauce with the portion. “The sauce is made from a special kind of chilli called ‘dalle’- round red chillies available only in Darjeeling,” said Tashi.

A plate of mouthwatering Sekhwa

Beside momo, Tashi is the only one in Kolkata serving another authentic Nepali item. “Its called Sekhwa. In Nepali ‘Sekhwa’ means grilled or cooked over open fire. The meat is marinated in spices and kept overnight. The next day the pieces are grilled over charcoal fire. Unlike tandoori, we do not add any ghee or butter on the meat. It is served with a special peanut sauce,” said Tashi, who is food fanatic himself and loves to learn new recipes. “Sekhwa is a hot favourite at my eatery. I get regular orders for it,” said Tashi.

If you have a craving for hot pickles, you must try the whole range on sale at the eatery. “The pickles are made of dalle and can be eaten with food or can be used for cooking. Each one has a distinctive taste,” informs Tashi.