Satire of a city

Artist Suman Choudhury held a solo exhibition of his paintings at the Academy of Fine Arts. His show featured works from his latest series Caricature of a City.

One of the paintings at the exhibition

A clogged city, shrouded by billows of dark clouds of soot.Concrete structures jutting out asymmetrically, entwined with electrical wires and other abstract structures that are so evident and visible at every spot in a modern and buzzing city. Caricature of a City is typically Suman Choudhury’s style and interpretation of the cityscape and its life, that exists in the maze of congested, crowded and suffocating structures. The six-day exhibition held from December 18 to 23 at the Academy of Fine Arts, is an expression of this quagmire that is the underlying character of every city. “I think human beings have been completely engulfed by this desolate cityscape. The city has devoured the ability to emote to a large extent. Human existence has become restricted to a maze of narrow alleys in a city, that lack the warmth of sunlight and the gentleness of a breeze. People are mechanical, going about their work without much affectation.  I have only tried to capture this painful journey in my paintings,” said Suman about his latest creations. Taking a break from his routine illustrations, Suman has tried to Art has its explicit and implicit ways of expression and Caricature of a City explicitly brings out the implicit beasts that exist in the core of city life today. The uncertain and unpredictable character of the cityscape has been portrayed through the forms that Suman has given to his cityscape. “There is a predominance of wires all over the structures in my works. These, like tentacles, spin about the city and extract the life force from the within. Human life is supported by these wires, which, like cancer cells are spread fast and are eroding the very essence of life,” said Suman.

Suman with composer Joy Sarkar who visited the exhibition

To break the monotony of desolation, Suman has included other segments of sketches of things that he finds interesting. Sketches of crows perched on electrical wires, cats in various poses and even storks were also featured in this exhibition.