Seeking support for theatre centre

Bauria People's Repertory Theatre organised a one-day festival at its unfinished theatre centre in Fort Gloster, Bauria to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This was also an appeal to fellow theatre-lovers to support their project so that they can complete the building soon.


A simple celebration was arranged on the occasion of Bauria People’s Repertory Theatre (PRT) silver jubilee year. To be precise, it was not much of celebration but an appeal to theatre-lovers. For almost three decades, this repertory has been trying to complete their dream project – a theatre centre at Fort Gloster, in Bauria. After acquiring a 10 cottah plot from Fort Gloster authorities on lease, the group started its dream project of constructing a theatre centre that will have an auditorium, a library, green room and other facilities. “We have completed only 40 per cent of the work. We are looking for sponsors to help us complete the remaining 60 per cent,” said Utpal Phauzdar, the director of Bauria PRT.

The one-day festival was a mere demonstration of facilities and the progress of the centre to the theatre fraternity in Howrah. “We staged our production, Bisarjan, and had invited other groups to perform both proscenium and non-proscenium productions. The stage and auditorium has been made in way to support all types of productions,” said Phauzdar, who believes in both genres. The stage that will dedicated to Shambhu MItra, will be open to all groups who wish to stage their productions. “Rural theatre groups, who cannot always afford to take their productions to the city, can use this space,” said Phauzdar. The auditorium, once complete, will be equipped with ample light and sound provisions so that groups will not have to bring in additional technical equipment other than their props. Students, eager to study or do research on theatre will also find enough information in the library.

However, everything remains in the domain of ideas and dreams, with little support coming from other quarters. “We are sincerely looking for an sponsor. Bauria PRT is listed among the central government’s repertories, but that too, has not helped much. “The grant we receive is not enough to do any developmental work. According to regulations, we must have 30 performances through the year and the fund is just about enough of those,” said Raju Dutta, the secretary of the group.