Watch out for Silent Signature this July

Silent Signature produced by Achintya Basu and directed by Ranajit Das, is expected to release on July 27th.

Ranajit Das with Supriyo Dutta and other cast and crew

It’ll rain emotions, drama and thrill this monsoon with director Ranajit Das’s feature film, Silent Signature all set to hit the screens on 27th July. A Wow Media Entertainment production, Silent Signature is Ranajit’s brainchild about talent, love and despair that eventually brings disaster.

Director and lead actor, Ranajit Das has had earlier experience in writing, directing and acting in short films. Das feels this psychological thriller-cum-love story will be an exciting experience for audiences. “The concept of the film is unique. A young college student, Rudra Debnath, is born with a unique talent which he uses for his selfish needs. The story spins around how Rudra realises that he has been exploited by others,” said Ranajit. Das has previously conceptualised and worked in short films like Kalam, Ashte Cholun Gorto Ache, Deshlai – Not a Matchbox. His experience as both actor and director of the film is enriching. “It is tough working as both actor and director of the film. Specially the later part of the film put me through tremendous mental pressure, but I enjoyed the experience,” said Ranajit.

Ranajit with Moubani in a light moment

Working with a cast of experienced actors was a great experience for Ranajit. “All members of the cast are experienced and were very co-operative. Moubani Sarkar, who stars opposite me is a wonderful person to work with,” said Ranajit.

Silent Signature is expected to be in theatres from 27th July. The teasers are already out. Producer Achintya Basu is excited about the project. “I had dreamt of producing a feature film with new talents and

Tulika Basu and Arun Banerjee during shooting

Silent Signature is like a dream come true. Ranajit is talented and ambitious and I have tried to support his ideas. I felt the story has depth and a social message that it is not enough to be talented, but that also needs positive guidance. It is family film with a thrilling twist which keeps audiences glued to the screen,” said Basu.