Teenage love story makes a comeback with O Saathi Re

Teenage romance is making a comeback on the big screen with directors like Samnath Bhattacharya trying to create magic with debutantes.

The caste of O Saathi Re; starting from left RN Singh, Surandra Paul, Puspit Mukherjee, Rajesh Sharma and Masud Akhtar

Teenage romance will once again rock the screens in early2019 with Somnath Bhattacharya’s latest production, O Saathi Re. This teenage love story packed with drama and action isdue to release in 2019. Director, Samnath Bhattacharya,  has brought together some of the honchos like  cast including veteran actor Victor Banerjee,Bollywood stars Rajesh Sharma, Saurandra Pal, Kharaj Mukherjee, Masud Akhtar,Puspita Mukherjee and others. “I wanted to make a film with a good caste sothat it attracts people. I have tried to bring back teenage romance on-screenbut with a little difference,” said Samnath. O Saathi Re is being produced byRSMP Media Pvt Ltd. “The house is based in Mumbai and they have an upcoming big budget coming up in Mumbai. They they are also investing in films in Bengal,” said Samnath.

Director Samnath Bhattacharya

But the attraction is not over year. Beside the on-screenpresence of such prominent stars, the behind the scene setup will be different.Sonu Samnath has got Sonu Nigam to sing the title track and other singers likeShaan, Javed Ali and Mahalaxmi Iyer to be a part of this film. Gautam Sushmitis the lyricist while Babul Bose is the composer of the film.

The two main characters of the film, the teenage couple, are being paid by two youngsters who are stepping into the industry. “Every teenage love story revolves around new faces and this time too it will not be different. Younis and Naina are freshers who will debut in the industry with the film O Saathi Re,” said Samnath.  The film has been shot is outdoor locations in Jharkhand and other places. However, there is still a bit of shooting left in an exotic location in Bangkok or Singapore.