Unconventional Medicine – The Only Alternative

Yoga workshop for school students at IRIIM

In modern medicine, the human body is divided into multiple organs with a specialist for every organ who diagnoses a problem with the help of appropriate investigations. Each system has functional significance for the entire human body. Malfunction or disease affects the whole system. The cause lies from centre to circumference. Thus, treatment focused on circumscribed problems or organs is totally inadequate. Allopathy is not a panacea for all human maladies. Further in the present scenario, an average man is confused. Experts of each system are trying to fight the other resulting in lack of coordination and cooperation. No single system of medicine can solve the health needs of our people. Complementary, alternative and unconventional medicine (CAM) is, thus, becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

The global review highlights the ongoing demand for Traditional & Complimentary Medicine( T&CM). Products, practice and practitioners, describe patterns of use, identify the need for regulation to protect consumers, describe the importance of integrating T&CM into universal health coverage and identify some of the difficulties and challenges of integrating T&CM into health systems as suggested by World Health Organization (WHO).

Such practices on T&CM have been started by many integrated medicine centers in India employing Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Herbs, Ashtanga Yoga, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Organic Diet and so on successfully. The proposed New Systems of Medicine Bill (as tabled in the Parliament) will strengthen these therapies to develop and integrate T&CM into health systems. Indian Research Institute for Integrated Medicine (IRIIM) is one such center in Mourigram, Howrah where Pro-Nature Integrated Medicine is being practiced for over three decades.

Thirty six years is not long in the life of an institution especially when it is dedicated to making the society self-reliant in such a challenging area of Alternative and Traditional System of Medicine.  IRIIM’s journey began in 1981, exploring traditional and alternative healing therapies. In the last 36 years, IRIIM has treated more than 3 lakh patients and provided training to more than 500 doctors and 1,000 health workers. Alternative medicine being an integral part of Pro-Nature therapies like Yoga-Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy integrated with Acupuncture and Moxibustion is combined with lifestyle management like following an organic diet. There are often remarkable results in holistic health care management in Ranajit Memorial Acupuncture College & Hospital (RMACH) attached to the institute.