Vijay Mallya all set to marry Pinky Lalwani

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya is all set to tie the knot for a third time with present girlfriend Pinky Lalwani. Mallya who is presently out on bail, is still on trial at the Westminster Magistrate's Court in London with regard to extradition to India. Pinky and Mallya are said to have been dating each other for three years.


Kingfisher baron, Vijay Mallya believes that he will get third time lucky in marriage. He is all set to marry his present partner Pinky Lalwani, whom he has been dating for the past three years and the pair have been spotted together at a number of events.

The 62-year old business tycoon has his heart set on air-hostesses. His former wife, Sameera was also an air-hostess. Mallya has three children from his previous two marriages, a son named Sidharth and two daughters named Leanna and Tanya.

Mallya met Pinky in 2011 when he offered her a job as air-hostess in Kingfisher Airlines. They gradually became friends and were soon in a relationship. While Mallya has made headlines across the world after he was charged of money laundering worth Rs 9,000 crores and has also fled the country to lead a lavish life in London, Preeti reportedly stood by his side in his highs and lows. Mallya is on trial at the Westminster Magistrate’s Court on whether he can be extradited to India to face charges of fraud. He is presently on bail on a bond worth ₤620,000.

Despite the uncertainty of whether he will be extradited back to India of not, Mallya continues to pursue his love life nonchalantly.