Woman wrestler from India in WWE tournament

A woman wrestler from India will be participating in WWE's first ever wrestling tournament

Kavita Devi

Kavita Devi, from Haryana, has startled the nation by qualifying for the first ever women’s wrestling tournament organised by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

For the first time in WWE history, 32 of the top female competitors from around the world will participate in a tournament on WWE Network.

Competitors from 17 countries are expected to participate in the tournament, underscoring the breadth and international diversity of women’s wrestling.

Sakshi Malik, 23, was the first Indian woman to win a wrestling medal for India in the Olympics. Her success was particularly laudable since she belongs to a conservation society of Haryana where women are not encouraged to participate in sports activities.

Kavita has undergone training to become a professional wrestler from The Great Khali alias Dalip Singh Rana at his Punjab-based wrestling promotion and training academy. She shot to fame after her video, in which she wrestled against a woman wrestler named B B Bull, went viral on social media.

“I am honoured to be the first Indian woman to compete in WWE’s first ever women’s tournament. I hope to use this platform to inspire other Indian women with my performance and also to make India proud” said Kavita Devi.

Canyon Ceman, vice president, WWE Talent Development, said, “Kavita Devi gave a strong performance at WWE’s 2017 Dubai tryout. She is athletic and an extremely strong woman who demonstrated a solid grasp of the fundamentals of sports entertainment, and a passion to improve that will serve her well in WWE’s upcoming Mae Young Classic tournament.”